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We realize video projects with great equipment, great experience and a great network of great people. Great isn’t it? Yeah we think so, too. Before anyone argues with us, he or she may take a look at our variety of exceptional quality features:

  • Self-invented ideas - Creative!
  • Handmade scheduling - Exemplary!
  • Light made of real photons - Super shiny!
  • Motion Control Slider - Really great!
  • Steadicam & Gimbal - Smooth!
  • Aerial shots - Heavenly!
  • Audible sound recordings - Fascinating!
  • Fun Fact: We aren’t monkeys at all!
  • High-resolution up to 6K - Incredible!
  • Color depth up to 32bit RAW - Dizzying!
  • Slowmotion up to 2500fps - Wow!
  • Even Timelapse - Fantastic!
  • 2D & 3D Animation - Astonishing!
  • Visual Effects - Fancy!
  • Color Grading - Gorgeous!
  • Finishing & Archiving - Just sexy!

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We are a bit like monkeys. Not quite as hairy but just as curious, creative and imaginative. We leverage the utilization of tools and like working in teams. We are funny at times and like eating bananas. We constantly develop further and swing from project to project. However, to many clients’ sadness we do actually, in contrast to monkeys, wear clothes.

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Showreel 2016

  • 14 Oct, 2016

Wir haben mal ein paar unserer schönsten Bilder der letzten Monate in unserem nagelneuen Showreel ... weiterlesen


  • 15 Aug, 2016

Das beeindruckende Motorenorchester mit dem Titel "ADAC Zurich 24h-Rennen" am Nürburgring hallt ... weiterlesen


Der professionelle Ablauf und die Stimmung am Set haben mir sehr imponiert. Der technische Aufwand und die hohen Anforderungen, speziell auch an die Objektive, untermauerten den professionellen Anspruch der Produktion. Das Ergebnis ist beeindruckend.

Harald Bauer

Product Manager SIGMA

Thank you BLACKMONKEY MEDIA for the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo genesis movie. The shooting has been done in a very good mood yet very professional. Really good team, open, creative and efficient! Thanks again.

Antony Villain

Design Director, Alpine

Commissioning a video production is always comparable to the cinematically mentioned boy of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get! The team of BLACKMONKEY MEDIA exceeded all our expectations enormously. From their experienced, professionally appearing and friendly camera team to the quick processing to a high quality final product.

Sven & Katrin Kompaß


Superb work by BLACKMONKEY MEDIA for our Froidz-Single, which was accomplished very reliably and exactly to our expectations. We were very satisfied and would anytime recommend this company.

Jens Ophälders

YAWA Recordings GmbH

We as artists had an incredible amount of fun working with you, because due to your perfect planning there weren't any hiccups in the field and you were able to fully concentrate on ourselves and the project. We're very proud of the final product and you can see the attention to detail in every frame! We hope to see you very soon!


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